Formal Education is Valuable for Leaders

Education. We would all say that it is important, but we would disagree as to the best path for education. School? Life experience? Self-discovery?

As we grew up, many people told us that education was important. “Get your degree!” “College will open the doors to your DREAM JOB!”

And so on.

Developing a Collaborative Instinct

One of the greatest thing about being a musician is playing with other musicians. Some of my greatest memories in life include times I performed on a stage with other musicians, from a cover band in college to playing in Moscow with a collegiate instrumental group.

Why Your Team Needs Space to Succeed

It is easy in leadership to make things complicated, because complicated often means we have not done the hard work of removing the unnecessary. As leaders, we are responsible for creating space for others to succeed. But this cannot happen if things are complicated and busy.

The Right View for Collaboration

My vision is bad. For those who wear glasses or contacts, my vision is -7.5. If you don’t wear glasses, then that number means I am close to being legally blind. I got my first pair of glasses in elementary school, and started wearing contacts in middle school. Contacts have been part of my daily routine for over 15 years. …

One Thing Only Experience Can Teach

We have all heard the saying “Experience is the best teacher.” This can be true, yet sometimes we are able to learn things without having to experience them firsthand. We may learn through observing others, reading a book, or taking a class. But there is one thing in particular that only experience can teach, and it is something I learned …

An Easy Way to Increase Transparency

Transparency. It is a word that can mean anything from honesty to the clear sheets your teachers used on overhead projectors (remember those?). In today’s world, transparency is highly valued. We want to feel as though our leaders are being transparent with us. Since most people post their highlight reels to their social networks, we carry a healthy dose of …

What I Learned About Process from an IKEA Hack

It can happen to the best of us: we are drawn in by the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. The idea of inexpensive, yet stylish furniture, calls us to begin walking the mammoth floor plan. The ultra-efficient sample living areas cause us to think we are wasting significant space in our current setup. And a Google search quickly shows …

Let’s End Generational Warfare

On a typical day, my social media feeds are filled with shots fired both at the millennial generation and from the millennial generation. “Millennials are awesome!” “Millennials are awful!” “Millennials are the greatest generation in the history of the world and we are here to fix everyone’s problems!” “Millennials are just a group of cotton-headed ninny muggins.” You get the …

To Understand Millennials, You Must Know Us

Everywhere you turn, someone new is discussing what millennials want or what millennials will do or what millennials think or blah blah blah. I’ve read a significant number of articles like that, and I’ve noticed a common theme: They are almost always written by non-millennials.

#MillennialTalk: Tech Trends

Each Tuesday night, I participate in a Twitter Chat called #MillennialTalk hosted by Chelsea Krost. It has become a great opportunity to connect with millennials around the world and discuss issues at the forefront of our generation. Last night’s topic was a particular passion of mine: technology. The host, Stephanie Carls, is a digital lifestyle expert who focuses on integrating …