In preparing for a recent event, I was loading various equipment into my car. As I was struggling to load one particular case, low and behold, the bottom literally fell out. It didn’t start raining. The bottom of the case literally fell off.

Boy, was I excited.


I loaded the case and threw the bottom part in the car. Once I arrived to the event location, a mixture of sweating, grunting, and pain led me to put the bottom back on the extremely heavy case.

Here’s the kicker:the bottom was attached to the case with 4 small latches.

4. Small. Latches.

Once I realized this, I was slightly frustrated. A seemingly insignificant detail caused a great deal of frustration. A seemingly insignificant detail caused a case to not work properly. A seemingly insignificant detail almost caused me to lose my religion.

In the moments leading up to the 2009 SEC Championship game, commentator Gary Danielson remarked that the winner of the game wouldn’t have a bunch of big, flashy plays. The winner of the game would be the one who executed the little things well every time. Alabama did that (unfortunately), and Florida did not. Alabama won, after succeeding in completing the little things.

Many things in our lives appear to be small. We are surrounded by the seemingly insignificant minutia of life. Our nature is to overlook these things or do them half-heartedly. The reality is that our lives our defined by the culmination of the small things.

No one achieves a goal or reaches a destination without reaching small steps. Trying to lose weight? Twenty pounds don’t fall off overnight. It requires gradual change, small steps towards an ultimate goal. A small step is still a step forward, placing you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

The small steps are actually just tasks we must do and decisions we must make. The majority of our day will be made up of small tasks. If we are living with a plan, these small steps will cause us to be one step closer to the desired destination.

Today, make sure that you check the latches. The last thing you need is for the bottom to fall out.

What are some little things you do daily to help you achieve an ultimate goal?