So…how much are you losing if you are confusing?

Based on real-world data from clients in multiple industries, I think you could see:

  • {New Leads Formula:9} more leads each month
  • {New Clients Formula:10}  new clients each month (if your conversion rate doesn’t change)
  • {New Revenue Formula:18}  new revenue added to your business over the next 12 months

Are these numbers a guarantee? No. That’s foolish. And arrogant. But I can say these numbers happened to people just like you.


  • Getting your words right
  • Getting your team aligned
  • Getting your marketing right

Why? Because confusing prospects and customers is expensive. It takes longer to close fewer people. You spend more time teaching than closing. And you make less money in the process.

After helping more than 200 organizations find the right words and build a clear plan, I want to help you too.

Prior to Wes Gay (owner of Wayfinder), our brand messaging was complex and confusing to our website visitors. The StoryBrand model provided clarity and streamlined our content. Having Wes provide oversight and guidance has given us direction, and we’re reaping the rewards by seeing far more leads reaching out to become clients.

Bryan & Shannon Miles
BELAY Solutions
Here’s what it takes:

Developing a clear overall brand message
Aligning your team around the right messaging
Bringing it to life with a sales-focused website
Generating strong leads and building an email list
Crafting an elevator pitch that works
My team does all of this for your brand. We’ve helped BELAY. Now it’s your turn.

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