Massimo Group Case Study

How the StoryBrand process helped grow sales by 25%
The Massimo Group offers coaching, consulting, and training to commercial real estate brokers.
As the premier brand in the industry, their clients often earn 7 times more than the industry average. They utilize a property course curriculum, paired with the most experienced coaches in the business, to help brokers successfully scale their practice while reducing the number of hours they work.

Founder and CEO Rod Santomassimo, along with COO Bo Barron, attended a StoryBrand workshop in Nashville. They knew their content worked and clients raved about the results, but they needed a way to make their marketing more effective.

After scheduling a call, we discussed their business, their pain points, and their goals. Once we started working together, my team and I created the following:
A BrandScript and sales letter for the company and each of their 4 product lines
A custom-developed WordPress site
Landing pages for their 4 product offerings

So what happened after their site went live?


About 6 months after launch, they saw a 25% increase in sales with the same level of traffic. The new website helped prospects quickly understand what the Massimo Group does, how they solve client problems, and how to get started. And with the new messaging in place, the sales team had better messaging and strategies for closing more deals.

See what COO Bo Barron had to say:

“Many of the copywriters we’ve used in the past have struggled understanding our business and our ideal prospects. Wes set himself apart by taking the time to learn who we are and who we are after. As a result, he crafted copy that spoke to the heart of our prospects and perfectly represented who we are. He was able to do so with clarity and simplicity. We’ve used him on a redesign of our website, on marketing funnels, and to hone the pitch of webinars. We’ve easily made over six figures from his copy.”

If you’re ready to make marketing profitable, then schedule a call today. I create the clarity you need to grow your business.