As I have become more engaged with fellow millennials on social media, I have noticed something interesting:

Most of the big voices in the millennial community are women.

Let me be clear: this is not a sexist observation. But it is an observation that bothers me.

Why? It has nothing to do with women being empowered, taking ownership, and working to engage their generation towards greater change.


Instead, it has to do with a lack of millennial men. Yes, almost all millennial males are over 18. But being over 18 is not the equivalent of manhood.

What happened to males? Males over 18 in previous generations fought in wars at our age. They led revolutions, won international sporting events, and made positive change on society. Yet in my generation, guys over 18 are experts at war video games and fantasy sports.

At some point, our culture seemed to give up on men. Instead of raising boys to become men of integrity, strong work ethic, honor, dignity, and respect, males have been allowed to almost skip these traits.

As one leader says, “We have too many boys that can shave and too few men.”

Again, this is not an anti-woman post. This is a call for males over 18 to act like men. Do your work. Take care of your family. Fight to make sure all people are treated with dignity and respect.

This world needs to millennial males to put down the video game controllers and act like men.

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