There has been a lot written about millennials in the workplace. And with every passing day, still dozens-if not hundreds-of new articles and tweets are posted about millennials at work.

As a millennial, I usually don’t read the millennial-centric articles. Many of these pieces are simply someone trying to jump on the millennial trend, which I can usually spot if their content doesn’t make sense to me (a millennial) at all.

But Fast Company published an article  that actually made sense to me. In fact, it’s one of the few millennial-focused articles I’ve read lately that sounded like most people my age.

The article was called “This is How Millennials Will Change Management,” and you really should take about 2 minutes and read it (in a new browser window, of course).

Perhaps the most interesting point to me in the post is the concept of “Work-Life Blend Instead of Work-Life Balance.” Many leadership “experts” like to create speeches and books on how to achieve the mythical “balance” between work and home. Yet most people still have a hard time figuring out how to actually find that “balance.”

This is one of the areas that we as millennials can be an asset to the work place. We as a generation have grown up in the explosion of the digital age. We are the first generation in the work force that is completely comfortable with all forms of technology.

It is precisely this comfort with the digital world that helps us understand that blend in better than balance. Balance is much harder to explain and clarify for people, but to say blend is easier to grasp. When we as millennials say we want blend, we are stating that work and home life are really all interconnected and that we want the freedom to work in that interconnectedness.

This reality is not something that came after the iPhone became popular. While some generations may appear to have had hard and fast boundaries between work and personal life, many still had a hard time completely separating the two areas.

With the rapid developments in the digital world, however, it is easer that ever to have the tools to help us blend well. Having work email on our phone can help us do some things when we aren’t at our desk, but don’t forget that people then expect the freedom to address personal issues at work.

This blend may scare some of the traditional HR crowd, but fear not! Working towards this blend would simplify and streamline what you comment, but it also can help you significantly improve what you and your team want to accomplish.

Let me ask: how could I help you, your family, or your team achieve this blend? 

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