Our world is full of noise. Whether it’s television, email, text messages, or Facebook, we are constantly bombarded by technological noise.

As a result, our focus suffers. Instead of maintaining focus on our work, we try to “multitask” so that we can keep up with the outside noise and still pretend to get some work done.

Instead of trying to juggle the stream of noise and maintain our work,  set some distinct boundaries. What boundaries, do you ask? Here are a few:

Email Decide to not leave your email open all day. Set times to check it. And when you do check, make sure to process everything in your inbox (in his book Getting Things Done, David Allen refers to this as “inbox zero”). Clearing your inbox will put you in a happy place.

Gadgets When will you use your iPad? When will you check email on your phone? Make decisions on these kinds of questions, then work to discipline yourself to stick to your answers.

Social Media When will you check it? Do you have a specific purpose when checking it?

Setting boundaries actually frees you up to be creative. If you’re told to build a house, you have a million different ways you could build it. You have no starting point. But if you’re told to build a 3200 square foot ranch-style home, now you can let your creativity flow.

Look at your life. Find ways to set boundaries in order to allow more creativity. Boundaries spur your creativity, not constrain it.