“What do you do?”

For most business owners, these four words send chills down their spine. And those chills seem to freeze their ability to communicate clearly, so they say things like

  • “Um, well, it’s complicated.”
  • “So, we, uh, are industry leaders applying technical innovation to consumer problems.”
  • “We were founded in 1954 with a desire to help customers.”

None of these are helpful answers. Why? Because each one loses your audience. They check out. Nothing in these statements say why anyone should care about your business, much less do business with you. You lose the opportunity to potentially win a customer. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

The best marketing minds know there’s a simple formula to create a slogan that connects with prospects and converts them into customers. Whether it’s for your entire, a new company, or to connect with a specific type a buyer, this formula makes it easy for you to write a powerful statement that attracts customers and increases revenue. 

In this free guide, you learn

  • Why most business leaders struggle to get it right
  • 5 steps you can implement today
  • A system you can repeat for every facet of your business

By walking through each step, you get the clarity you need to create a concise, compelling message that attracts more leads, converts more customers, and grows your business.