TV is a dangerous thing for me. It’s easy for me to get caught up in shows, especially reality shows. One show in particular that my wife and I both enjoy is Undercover Boss on CBS. So you could guess how excited we were to see the first 3 seasons recently appear on Netflix (as well as the shows from Canada, Australia, and the UK).

Over the last couple weeks we have been watching old episodes regularly. If you’ve never seen it, take 43 minutes and watch an episode on Netflix. You’ll thank me later. You may be so thankful that you name your first born Wes.

Each episode involves a company executive working with regular employees with a disguise and fake backstory. Along the way they usually find people with incredible stories. Each episode ends with the boss revealing their identity and giving people financial gifts, whether it’s cash, a trip, or even scholarships.

The post-gift interviews are the most interesting to me. Why? Because no matter how much money they’ve been given, the recipient almost always says that the most special part was hearing that their boss appreciates them. Even when they’ve received $20,000 or more, they still tear up about being appreciated.

We like to think money can solve all problems. While it can fix some problems and ease other problems, it still leaves some things unfixed. But words of encouragement and affirmation can go a long way.

The Desiring God blog recently had a helpful article on praising and appreciating people. Their point is that Christians should encourage and praise others because of our relationship with Jesus.