Recently I attended a friend’s wedding in Atlanta, GA. It was a great ceremony and great to see her marry the love of her life.

On the drive to the wedding, as well as sitting in the wedding, I couldn’t stop thinking. I have just finished my fourth year of college with plans to finish complete in 6 months. The vast majority of people who came in as freshman with me have graduated and moved on with their lives. I spent that time thinking of how I will miss the convenience of living on-campus and staying connected with people.

The collegiate experience is definitely an incredible, one that should not be taken for granted or taken lightly. . As I sat in the car and the church pew today, I came to a few conclusions as to why people miss their friends after the college years”

1) The Value of Friendships Growing up I heard a lot of people say that the friends you have in high school will not be the friends you have for the rest of your life. How true that is. For some reason that I have yet to discover, college helps you to create and build lasting relationships, ones that will prove to be priceless throughout your entire life. As believers, our friendships are in the context of a community of believers. These friendships have an even stronger bond due to our commonality in Christ.

2) The Value of the Journey Too often in our culture we are determined to get to the destination as quickly as possible. I saw this idea work itself out in college by students who race to graduate in less than the normal four years. While their hard work is to be commended, they typically regret rushing through their education in fear that they have missed something in the journey. We need to realize that it is in the journey where we learn the most important things. As believers our entire life is a journey. That journey does not end until we pass from this Earth. In that context, it seems to me, then, that in all of our endeavors we need to slow down and recognize the value of the journey.

3) The Value of Time The first two observations would be impossible without time invested. I wouldn’t have made the 7 hour round-trip drive for the wedding if I didn’t value a friendship that we have taken time to cultivate. Lasting friendships take time. Meaningful journeys take time. Around us our culture is screaming at us to learn how to add 3 hours worth of productivity in 4 easy steps so that we can add more to our schedule. Have you ever had that thought that maybe, just maybe, you need to slow down? That you need to re-evaluate your time management system and begin planning to invest time in things that matter?