This is a post from several weeks ago from Facebook. Enjoy.

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game taught us a lot about leadership. On one side of the court is Michigan State. There has been much press about their dream to play for the championship in their home state. In the midst of these difficult economic times they wanted to provide a glimmer of hope to the people of their home state. Ultimately their goal was not to put another trophy in the case, but rather their goal was to serve people. They wanted to give those in dire economic times something to cling to, something to take the focus off of the pain of a deep recession. This drive is what helps leaders to succeed and motivate the people around them. People want to have a focus, something tangible that they can see. When they are motivated by the accountability of others, they will work harder. Bearing the weight of helping others helps drive to greatness.
Michigan State also taught us something else. They showed us that it is great to have a dream, but heart alone will not carry you through to success. Talent and experience must be combined with heart in order to reach success. So many people in our world, particularly in Christian circles, think that heart alone can carry one through to great success. When times get tough and things don’t go your way, you have to stay with the game plan. Don’t get caught up in the frustrations of the moment. Success is achieved when you work through the disappointments of defeat.
On the other side of the court was North Carolina. Since the beginning of the season they were seen as the number 1 in all of college basketball. They were led by terrific senior talent in Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansborough. They decided at the beginning of the season that it was their time to win it all. Last season they were favorites to win but suffered an agonizing defeat. They were constantly motivated by the goal to win the championship, and were motivated by their defeat. Leaders realize that failure is an opportunity for motivation. Failure is an opportunity to find one way that doesn’t work, so that you can continue looking for the way to success. Leaders don’t view failure as the end. True heros and great leaders are proven in their reaction to failures.
Thanks for reading. I hope you learned a little something about life and leadership from the basketball game. It is amazing when you start looking around you. God can use any situation as an opportunity to teach.

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